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Can I get free shipping?

Free standard shipping for orders over $60,an additional $27 for expedited shipping via FedEx or UPS.
Free FedEx or UPS expedited shipping for orders over $240.

Why only accept Crypto payments?

well known. In addition to the anonymity of Crypto, it is also sought after because of the extremely low-cost transfer of funds.
If selling on Ebay, the seller has to pay at least 20% of the transaction cost; using Paypal to collect money requires about 10% of various handling fees; accepting credit card payment, there will be a lot of fraudulent payment and bank disputes.
1, We take the initiative to reduce sales costs while avoiding fraudulent transactions and bank disputes.
2, You can buy the same product at the lowest price on the whole network.
This win-win result is the direct reason why we only accept Crypto payments.

Paid with Crypto, will you delivery?

If you question whether we deliver. We just want to say: We have a lot of products in stock and just want to sell them for money. Carddevicepro online-store will not cheat, only win-win.
Excessive explanations are meaningless, trust stay, doubt please leave.

Do I need to pay taxes ?

Taxes are not included in the price of the pruducts as displayed on the online-store. You pay only the value of the pruducts, but the order may also be subject to import duties and taxes which are assessed once the shipment reaches the destination country.
We will do our best to avoid it for you. Carddevicepro is not responsible for any custom clearance charges (please, contact your local customs office for more information).

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